Welcome to Draw Me An Elephant

I write breweries and I ask them to draw me an elephant. Breweries actually reply back with elephants and it’s just become a thing, I guess. It’s mostly an excuse to piggyback one hobby that’s impractical in fountain pens on something that is practical in writing letters. After perhaps my first fifteen or so letters I moved on to asking places to draw me an elephant and have really not had too many letters since then stray from that.

I’m not good at the internet

I’m trying to get back in the swing of doing this stuff on the internet. Thusfar the best source of these elephants publicly is probably Instagram and though I hope to change that at some point it honestly is probably the best place for the audience who is going to enjoy the project.

Keeping track of this chaos

As much as I really want to get instantly rich writing people drawing elephants my main focus right now is trying to get the site to do work for me in terms of keeping track of the crazy with all of these places I’m sending out to. Over the longterm this project is going to cost about $4,000 in postage and way the hell too many pen hours so at this point I think I need to step back a little bit on the way I am doing these and just get some sort of filing routine with all of the outgoing letters as well as try to get my incoming letters all posted, as that’s the part that people actually find entertaining.

My navigation currently sucks

I’m at the phase right now of trying to dump in initial content and shape things and as I said earlier have really not even the slightest clue about the best approach of it, so expect the shape of everything to change often. I would consider nothing to be more than 20% done and I’m of the mind that I won’t know what I don’t like until I’ve tried it.

There is probably some form of a contact form that does work that you can use if you feel like contacting me for some reason. Thanks for stopping by.

There’s always Instagram I guess?

I made an Instagram. It’s @drawmeanelphant69420 if you want to do that. I’m trying to stay ahead of the website before the Instagram but that is rapidly subject to change if I get whisked away to the Caymans with other Instagram influencers. I have 11 followers in 2 days so I figure I’ll be famous in about 538 years.