Elephant from Tower Brewing
Awesome elephant drawn by Tower Brewing around April 20th.

Okay so these guys at Tower Brewing. and pretty much a whole ton of Sacramento area breweries all would have got letters around the same time, which was April 20th. I think that California is one of those states where marijuana is legal, so it may get a pass for that. Not sure if the legislation says it’s legal for elephants, but he may have glaucoma or something and we all know California is all about that medical card. Fairly great elephant and they sent in a bonus elephant, which I’m not sure if is the same elephant before smoking the righteous herb or a different elephant.

Elephant from Cloud Alchemist
Side view elephant from Tower Brewing.

California Rules

I sent a shitton of letters to California and they did really good on delivering with the elephants. I think I wrote pretty much all of them with $2 Chinese pens with Fude nibs. Not sure if I had a good attitude or what, but they seemed to be slightly more frequent. I really haven’t found any connection between letters that have high effort and getting some sort of a response.