OM Vapors Elephant
Elephant Drawn by OM Vapors

I won a contest on reddit last month for OM Vapors founder’s day that consisted of a vape mod, tank, and a bunch of juices. Naturally I also asked them to draw me an elephant like I would with anything I order online, even free items. They sent back a pretty good elephant.

Vapemail haul from OM Vapors Giveaway
Vapemail haul from OM Vapors Giveaway

They did a really good job with the elephant as well as the shipping and I promptly pawned all the juice off on a friend who also vapes and does in smaller quantities. I mostly vape salt or squonk big amounts of vape juice, so a 10ml sample is just a recipe for having to clean out gear. I tried a few flavors and I think they were better suited in different devices than what I was running, but were not in any way gross (and there is a lot of gross e-juice out there).

Someone on reddit mentioned that they would really like to color this in and while I normally think adult coloring is stupid because I’ve worked in the print industry and probably 40% of the country’s adult coloring books are made here the charm is less there for me than others who don’t have to work in the industry. Either way, I made a version that’s good for coloring. JPEG at 8.5×11 and should print out nicely. Can be found here (1.5mb JPEG).