Charlie and Stella showed up with an order for something. Whenever I order anything I always put a note to draw me an elephant and the majority of the time they do. That’s kind of the basis for this working for writing places and particularly places where someone already has pens and paper out. These guys didn’t use the packing slip, which is fine.


So they sent two elephants. I want to say we had two people draw them and they both did a bangup job. This is some of my favorite style of quick drawing and you know with people like this they can just rattle off that kind of stuff somewhat effortlessly. They shipped my order way too quick to have spent too long on these and that’s what I’m looking for.

It’s hard for me to pick a winner with these two as both are solid top 10% quality elephants. Stella appears to be a standard 2H pencil while Charlie is done in I think a .5 gel pen. They both went for a cute look and Charlie has that expressionless look while Stella looks a bit on the happy side.

Not sure if it helped and probably doesn’t help the story a bit but this place had the text message you when various bits of progress happen during your order which is kind of common nowadays. So I got text and replied back to the text message much like I reply to various emails where there is a high chance you’re saving your fist at a cloud and no one sees it. Not this place. Replied back that they should draw me an elephant and they replied back that they would try to hook it up, and they sure did.