Okay so my brewery picker didn’t pick this one but rather some rando from Reddit asked me if I’d written Connecticut breweries or that area. They gave me maybe 5-6 addresses in CT and Rhode Island which I wrote and ended up getting a stack of elephant drawings. I think I got like 28 elephants that day and most of them were from this place. I’ll ramble more after the gallery. Too many elephants to do inline.

Like 25 elephants. Where to begin?

So the first thing I thought when I got the envelope which was pretty weighty was that it would be like a magazine or something printed. Nope. Huge stack of elephants with a thoughtful letter about how they had a lot of fun doing them. That’s actually not uncommon for there to be a comment to the effect of being happy to get tasked with the little exercise to draw an elephant. No sticker, which again is actually more common. I frequently so mentioned that a sticker would be cool in my letters, but not always.

So apparently they have a mug club which helped out and drew these, with what would appear to be multiple elephants from some people. I’ve ran through some hypothetical situations how this would have gone down and I’m not sure if Mariah during these encouraged or discouraged the others. She definitely had some of the most memorable and these took quite a few different approaches.

One of the things that I was not accounting for was the number of elephants that would be essentially the same despite me writing different states and not giving any reference or context. This would be another case of me writing something that could be in an FAQ but I have not yet really given any context to the breweries I’m writing or means to contact me beyond letter back method. I get a lot of the sameish elephants and it’s pretty short a venture to not being surprised by duplicates.

This just had so many and I think the takeaway I got from those that saw them was they liked the elephant booty focused drawings and the elephant back views. It was kind of a different approach with several of these so that was refreshing.