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Elephant drawn by Genesee.

Just checking in

Genesee came with straight fire on this one.

Okay so it’s been a bit since I was on the site. I still have a bunch to learn about WordPress and have sent a couple hundred letters since last post. Elephants still rolling in and I need to get a better grasp on what to do with this site in terms of presentation and content both. I feel that the need for more elephants is superseding the need for more website updates at this point. Having something is enough for me at this point and putting in an enormous amount of effort doesn’t feel like as much of a gain for my time as getting new elephants and progressing toward something more exciting.

I wrote a little post a bit ago about a writing project and saw a couple elephants back from it. Going to publish that article. I didn’t want to nor do I still want to use any electronic means to contact people for elephants and wanted this to sit a bit so the project wasn’t visible until everyone has a chance to read their letters (except the half doezen that went out of business).

Anywho. The Instagram is much more busy but I haven’t abandoned this place. Just not fitting into my schedule currently.

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