Yet another update of sorts

I like using the term “of sorts” for no apparent reason and this seemed like a great time for it. Been a bit since I updated this site and this is fairly inconsequential.

Updates on writing and elephants in

The letters slowed down in September and the early end of October. I had my scooter stolen from outside my home and put my home up for sale. It’s kind of a lot and I’m really not looking to turn this into a blog about me, but that’s my excuse at the moment. I’m not sure if that matters at all with the nature of me writing letters as the updates are already delayed by mail. It’s just by nature not much of need to set a schedule with anything I’m doing as I’m at the mercy of breweries to send me content.

I’ve been tempted to update Instagram with what I’m writing or that schedule, but I feel like it’s best to keep that neat and free of anything but the results. That doesn’t paint a really good avenue for those looking for more of the fun elements that aren’t just looking at barroom elephants, but the people who enjoy that have ways to get ahold of me and get as much of that as they need. As great as the internet is this is not really an internet project so much as elements end up there.

Big freakin’ envelopes

I got some monster #14 envelopes and hoo boo howdy are they big. I’m currently shipping seven sheets of paper along with a return envelope and a couple of embossed stickers I made with my embossing stamp (didn’t post that so you’ve no way of knowing what that is.

Minor computer turmoil

I had something go bonkers with my Macbook Pro’s battery cable and essentially had a botched battery operation turning my laptop into a really mediocre desktop. I didn’t lose any data as I am fairly good with what I do, but I just didn’t have the heart to get another Apple laptop. Not so much that I didn’t have the heart as I didn’t want to pay $2,500 and that’s where I was with what I wanted for a MacBook Pro. I ended up getting a Lenovo X380 for $666 from CDW and that price is the kind of price that no one can pass up.

So I’m now on Windows 10 Pro on two computers and getting farther from Mac OS X, which has been kind of my baby for the past 18 or so years whenever the first public release of Mac OS X 10.0.0 came out, complete without CD burning support for my Graphite iBook 466 or whatever G3 speed it was at the time. SLOOOOOWWWW megabytes back in 2001 or whatever it was. My needs for a computer have changed a bit since then as well as computers have changed a bit and I’m just fine with missing out on some of the nice things Apple has to offer as it doesn’t seem like the same party I arrived at nearly two decades ago.

Also had an absolutely shitty experience getting my battery changed on my iPhone and have just decided they really don’t need any more money for me and the $100 free accessory they were offering as an apology for the hassle doesn’t make up for the grace that I really don’t see them in the same light. It had been a long time since I had to contact Apple and every time it used to feel like they were saving my bacon. This time it felt like I was just a revenue stream and one that they were in no way interested in keeping despite me having probably around a million dollars in Apple equipment associated with my Apple ID. It was really crazy as in the past they see purchase history and are kind of nice. I’m not saying you need to take care of that and they sure didn’t. Good on Apple for not worrying about the past.

Smaller and more mailings with iterations

I’m trying to limit myself to around five or so letters out a day and do some iterations on them. I finally have a really good list and am working that together with what I’ve already wrote. It’s the closest I’ve come to getting an organizational system and there is still a ton of work to be done. I think I’m several weeks out for having it be a functional list of what’s written and what needs it, but progress for sure. I’m going to continue mailing off of it and moving it forward. There is a point where you can look around and see where the help is coming from and in this case that help isn’t coming. So here we are.

So what’s with the elephants?

I’m posting them fairly close to as I get them on Instagram and have been playing around with another site software that may be more promising for me to want to work in it, but I’m really against trying to force this project into something it’s not and elephants are surprisingly expensive. Even a shitty elephant drawing costs me around $8 after all is said and done on postage alone, so it’s not the kind of thing I want to just start throwing money at for people’s amusement. It’s fun, but there is a point where about a month into this project that I quit smoking and that wasn’t to open up those funds for elephants. I’m sure I did just that, but it was in no way the intention.

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  1. Simon Walton

    Timothy my fellow artist!
    was nice meeting you today, I sit here at 9 mins to 2 in the morning in bed, having had a productive evening.
    If the wind outside continues into the rest of the day, it will be too much for me to go onto the Strip and entertain the tourists, so will get started on the painting I promised for your site.
    Will be my pleasure and honour to create this for you, thank you for trusting me x
    All the best Simon

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