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New distillery mail coming today, site updates, rambling.

Okay so the informed delivery website said that I had a letter coming from Iowa Distillery Which I can assume is an elephant drawing. So that will go up and I’ll put it on a post as well as a page. I have some pages up kind of half hearted and really need to nail down the backlog of stuff still, but I’m terrible at WordPress and doing most of this from my iPad or MacBook Pro which isn’t ideal.


I’ve been working on the website putting up pages for the various brewery and distillery elephants that have shown up already. Working on cropping each of the top sections for the letters to track what I have written, which is about 230 brewery so far. When I started home brewing it was about 3500 or so. Looking at it a couple days ago it would appear that there is now 7800 breweries so that changes the dynamic of my percentage written pretty drastically but I really don’t feel like that’s a stopping point of any sort or a daunting, insurmountable task. Writing all of these I think I’ll be able to get in three years or so all the breweries written assuming I can keep the pace up and don’t lose interest. I think that does mean that I need to look at brewery age and maybe start writing breweries that are older or at least a certain number of years old which means that I probably should get a list of breweries that prioritizes that. If I ate least work with breweries that have made it 5 years that will cut the number down to something in a comfortable two year window and then I can work my way forward. Still write some number of them not of the maturity, but will have to work in less of a pick out of a hat system I’m currently working with. I’ll but at over ten percent of that two year goal before the postage I liars bought runs out.


So I’ve been putting a page up in word press and I’m not really very familiar with WordPress for each of the breweries that is provided to know if it so far And I’m going to put up a page for each of the ones that I have written just so I can track them because this is going to become kind of complicated with the number of duplicates that I get in and I’m already seeing some number of duplicates so that’s one of the priorities with the site.

I’ve been asked on occasion about doing a coffee table book for these which I think is probably a kick ass idea but I realistically think we’re about maybe a third of the way in terms of material for a coffee book just to fill one and I would say maybe realistically I would need six times the amount of material to get something really quality and cohesive and have some sort of a compelling reason to read it I don’t think that that would be the kind of thing that should be rushed out as cool it would be. No sense doing something halfass and I’ve bought books that just feel like the better version of a halfass book I just read by the same author and I don’t really want to do that. I’d say realistically that’s a year out.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I can get caught up on the site and start publishing forward. Lot of work in WordPress I know nothing about so we’ll see how quick my learning curve is and go from there.

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